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Become a new era affiliate. With our reseller package and white label services you can earn commission for every client that you refer to us.

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Our reseller package

  • Do you run a business with clients that listen to your advice?
  • Perhaps you are a graphic design agency, an accountant, or a marketing consultant?
  • If so, referring your clients to us for website work is something that can be mutually beneficial.
  • To this end we have documented 2 reseller options listed below you could benefit financially through our Partnership scheme.

This is an opportunity for you to realise greater potential from your clients.

A Web project can cost anything from £1000 up to £10,000+ and our commission rate is 10% for our partners, so you could earn £100 – £1000 for EACH client you refer.

How will becoming a New Era Partner benefit me?

Well obviously you can earn a lot of money in commission for doing relatively little.

As you are able to offer Web design services in addition to you own services you will be more attractive to your clients…people like to get all of their services in one place when they can.

So how does it work?

There are two options, so you can choose the one that suits you best per customer. Either way you will receive a 10% discount on our normal quoted prices. You can manage as much or as little of the project as you like.

Option 1: Become a New Era Affiliate

Taking this option means that after you’ve approached your client and made your initial recommendation that they use us; you then hand them over to the New Era team for the entire web project, including the initial sales and consultancy. This option also includes us taking on the on-going project management through direct correspondence. So you get a commission for doing little more than identifying some clients that need Web services and referring them to us.

Option 2: Our White Label Service

This means that you can basically outsource to us whilst keeping control of your own client, and the management of the project. This option is popular with graphic design agencies. We will still give you 10% off our normal quote price, but you can then charge the client whatever you want for your management services, as you will have to manage the client and any correspondence between us and them.

How do I market this to my clients?

However you think is best. You know your clients better than anyone!

We can help you put together a mail shot if you have a mailing list.

Be creative, do whatever you think will work best!

What Web services does New Era offer?

We are Web specialists – we provide top level web design, development, Marketing / SEO and consultancy.

For more information on our services have a look around our website.

How do you sign up?

If you’re interested then simply give us a call to discuss your options on 020 3327 7390 or fill in the short form below and we’ll get back to you.

We’ll be glad to have you on board!

Please note though that commission is only paid to you once our invoice has been paid!


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I would like to thank New Era for the amazing job they have done with my website. They have gained my total respect with their honesty and expertise. If you need a website done, then look no futher than New Era...professional, friendly and great value for money. Believe me they will not disappoint you!

Fabio Martinelli, Dolomitescape Ltd
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